Technical Specifications

  • 2-7 car Freight multiple unit capable of carrying combinations of 6 to 21 TEU of ISO containers, Hi-cube containers or swap bodies or 175 cubic meters of palletised cargo per vehicle with refrigeration available for both variants.
  • Payload of up to 60 tonnes per vehicle
  • Bi-directional fixed formation trains with driving cab at each end
  • Availability of over 80% of the UK rail network
  • High power to weight ratio with 750 hp/550kw per vehicle under diesel propulsion
  • Maximum speed 140 kph for the inter-modal version, 160 kph for the pallet carrier
  • Full on-board and remote access monitoring of the vehicle’s technical condition, location and cargo condition.
  • Intensive operation 20+ hours per day/24/7

Environmental Credentials

  • Supports EU and national government commitment to secure significant modal shift to rail
  • Exploits rail’s inherent energy efficiency and environmental attributes
  • Uses fully compliant diesel electric traction Has full electric (25kv) or hybrid potential for last mile operations

Ownership & Operation

  • TruckTrains will be owned and operated by existing or newly established rolling stock leasing entities and train operators on behalf of the freight sector, manufacturers, distributors, shippers, receivers and other cargo interests including the retail sector.
  • TruckTrains will be supported in service by a new operating entity able to plan and integrate the new trains into new and evolving service structures


TruckTrain® is competitive and can make money by:

  • Sweating the train assets using on-board and remote access monitoring, intensive realistic scheduling, minimal servicing time and fast cargo terminal operations
  • Lower break-even distance threshold increases market potential
  • Operating at higher point to point speeds (140-160 kph) and outperforming road transit times increasingly compromised by congestion.
  • Undercutting road transport costs
  • Adapting to and delivering against shipper and end customer’s requirements
  • Delivering unfailing reliability through robust design and innovative engineering.
  • Delivering full “through transit” security