TruckTrain® is designed to deliver  real innovation in the rail and inter-modal freight market. It is a catalyst for major changes whereby rail can again become an attractive, reliable, cost competitive player in the freight market and be aligned with shipper’s evolving requirements..

TruckTrain® achieves this by fully exploiting rail’s inherent advantages in terms of speed, energy efficiency, volume and weight capabilities   and operation in a controlled and secure environment. It is designed to compete for traffic for which conventional train technologies and operational methods are not relevant or applicable.

The core design is capable of transporting ISO and European dimension containers over most of the UK rail network. The design is also able to operate in a pallet carrier version. TruckTrain® is designed to extend the commercial “reach” of rail beyond the limits set by orthodox train technology and to be fully cost competitive with road freight over short, medium and long-distance sectors.

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TruckTrain® is the catalyst for profound change in rail’s ability to work reliably, competitively and effectively in inter-modal and logistics flows

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